Dainty Little Badass

Born to American parents in Queenstown, New Zealand, Neia Jane spent her childhood among the Mountains. As an adolescent  she was transplanted to Olympia, Washington, the home of the “riot grrrl” punk movement, and the perfect recipe for excessive amounts of angst. A teenage weirdo, she threw herself into the alt-rock scene of the Pacific Northwest, playing in several bands and finding the power of writing songs. 

At 18, Neia Jane relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. Out of the context of her hometown, she felt the freedom to explore musically. Over the next few years she dipped her toes in several genres, including indie folk and electronic pop. In a season of unrest, she returned to her roots in rock music, and in moments of clarity she picked up her electric guitar.

Neia tells her stories with her unique sonic blend of distorted guitars, dreamy synthesizers, and soaring vocal melodies. With grit and grace, she showcases both her intense vulnerability and the edgy grunge-girl that is undeniably present in her music.


Neia Jane's debut album, "Magic and Honey," is out now on all streaming platforms.































 photo by holysmoke photography